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Warrior Workout

This group class is designed to challenge your body using strength training and cardiovascular exercise routines with high intensity and short recovery periods. This combination targets the cardio and fat burning zones to give you the highest possible calorie burn.

Class Schedule:  Monday – Thursday                    5:30 – 6:30 pm

                         Saturday 9:00 – 10:00 am   Pricing:  $50 Unlimited Class

  $10 Drop In

From $10/per class

One on One Mobile Training

If you prefer the one on one experience Harbs Fitness offers Personal training that comes to you! We will bring our equipment to your home, office or place of your choosing. Our mobile training programs are designed specifically for you and the goals you want to reach.

*Message Coach Ryan for Availability

Sessions are sold in Packages:     

5 Sessions for $200.00-$40 per session

10 Sessions for $350.00-$35 per session

20 Sessions for $575.00-$28.75 per session

From $28.75/per session

Corporate Group Training

This class is designed for workers that sit at a desk all day. Harbs Fitness will come to your corporate office for a 30-minute group training session. This class helps your employees break up their day with activity that boosts their mood from increasing their serotonin by getting their bodies moving! This also helps working parents get their activity in before picking up the kids! Research shows that happy employees work harder for their employer and create a more positive, stress-free work environment.

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Who is Harbs Fitness, LLC?

Harbs Fitness is run by a brother and sister team. Coach Ryan is the Master Trainer and Melissa brings the motivation and the overall body wellness expertise. This combo makes for a fun but intense body transformation experience.

The name “Harbs” comes from our family last name, Harbour. The Harbs nickname is used by all our friends and family so to give our business this name gives it a special meaning. It solidifies to us and those around us that we are all in this Fitness Family together.

At Harbs Fitness we want to give you the tools, support and inspiration to become the best version of yourself. We use fitness as an avenue to connect with people to build confidence and motivation. We will help you build a plan that works within your lifestyle, identify any roadblocks and hold you accountable so you achieve your goals.

No matter where we are in our fitness journey, we all have one thing in common – We are striving to be the Best version of Ourselves. 


Other Services Offered:

Nutrition Planning (*Email for Pricing)
Macro Review
Meal Planning
Grocery Shopping Guidance

One on One Life Coaching (*Email for Pricing)

Majority of the time we fail at crushing our fitness goals because we are our own biggest hurdle! We tend to use excuses as “being too busy”, “work is stressful”, “the kids need to get to practice” and the most infamous one “I don’t have time”. We self-sabotage by saying, “I’m too fat so why bother”, “I’m too out of shape so I can’t keep up with the group”, “I’ve tried before, and I will just end up quitting anyway”. Our mind plays tricks on us and makes us believe that we cannot be who we truly want to be. We make these excuses out of fear of failure, intimidation, lack of motivation, and so many other reasons. Why do we let these excuses hold us back from living the life we want and deserve? Sometimes, we need that push, that inspiration, that person to believe in us and coach us through the uncomfortable moments when we don’t believe in ourselves!Harbs Fitness has helped numerous people with their physical fitness goals but even more with their emotional fitness goals. We have found a common theme – Those that crush their physical fitness goals feel good about themselves; they believe in themselves; they know that they are capable of accomplishing anything they set their mind to. They don’t let fear and intimidation run their lives.

Let Harbs Fitness help you unlock your BEST SELF and become the person you have always desired to be!

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Affordable Fitness - No Excuses

At Harbs Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer experiences for every client that walks through our doors.



Warrior Workout Drop In

  • Attend any group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all fitness levels

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Unlimited Warrior Workout

  • Attend all daily group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all fitness levels


One on One Mobile Training

  • Attend 5 Sessions
  • Booking is required
  • Caters to all fitness levels

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"Training with Ryan has been tough as hell, and a ton of fun. I've never felt better about myself !"

Weston Ladnow - Client of 1.5 Years

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